The VIsual Optics LAb at INO-CNR

ViOLa is the laboratory of the National Institute of Optics of the Italian National Research Council INO CNR devoted to investigating light in connection with the human response.  Visual optics, photometry, radiometry, psychophysics, ophthalmic optics, lighting technology, and colorimetry are some areas of interest. In consideration of the multiple fields of application, the research is developed in collaboration with universities, research groups, national and international companies.

The laboratory is housed in Florence, at the INO CNR headquarters on the Arcetri hill, named by the European Physical Society EPS “historic site” for the important role played in the history of physics.

In the blog section, you can find very different topics (mostly in Italian), as, for example, tips about how to do something in Matlab or R: these entries are useful for us in the lab to remember some procedures.

The head of the laboratory is Dr.Alessandro Farini